Alder Family- Idaho Falls Family Lifestyle Photographer

The thing about working with families is that they become a part of your extended family. You see their children grow up. You get to be a part of the best moments in their life, but sometimes also the worst. No one wants to get that text, but last April I heard from the Alder family that their oldest was very ill and did not have much time left. We had a full family session planned only a few months later, but heaven just couldn’t wait.

I had the honor of spending the afternoon with Leland and his family. I am not sure if there was ever a child more wanted or loved.

And anyone who has ever been around Leland can attest to the fact that while he could never say it on this earth, he loved his family, especially his younger siblings, fiercely. His body was weak, but his spirit was strong.

And amidst the deep grief of illness and preparing to greet death, there was also great joy. Because children will continue to be children in the midst of life’s hardest trials.


Leland passed away the following evening. These photos show a very sick little boy. While Leland was no stranger to sickness, I want to leave you with the real Leland- a child who fought the odds and proved that love and family is everything a child needs to thrive in this life.